What we do

The People


There are many people and organizations which have developed sustainable, low/no cost solutions (which have been field tested) that can be used by people who are living in extreme poverty.

We are gathering these solutions so they can become more widely available to all. If you want to be part of this effort, come and join us!

The History


The idea of giving people living in poverty actionable information is not a new idea! Instead of delivering information in a hard-copy format it is now possible to connect online and that is why we are creating a library of information that can be accessed through a website and through associated apps.  on cellphones

Our Process


Currently we are looking for the best ideas the can be of help for people living in extreme poverty. 

You can see here what we are looking for. We are also looking for illustrators; not only is a "picture worth a thousand words" but it also effectively cuts through the language barrier.


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Until the IRS approves our 501c3 status, we may NOT sollicit funds! The moment we are able to accept your donations we will let you know. Promise!

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